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    Dice Control Seminars - Testimonials from Students of the Golden Touch™

Craps Training

[After every Golden Touch Craps class we ask students for their feedback. Here are just some of the comments from them. Except where indicated, we have used the student’s real name and hometown.]

Audio Testimonials!

We recorded the first-hand the response of students at our GTC courses. Click here to listen to their thoughts and accolades for the Golden Touch Method.

Recipe for Success-Our Vegas Class
Mix together:
1 - No Field Five, keep your wrist straight
1 - Nick T-Lefty, get some height on those dice, 45"
1 - Pit Boss, up on one foot, good triangle
1 - Satch, line up the dice with the lines on the table
1 - Ace-Ten, slow down forward swing so dice dont come in flat
1 - Stickman, keep body and shoulder in once place, only move arm as a pendulum
1 - Billy the Kid, play blackjack as a break from craps
1- Mr. Finesse, let it go

Sprinkle a pinch of Frank trust the shot, do not give the dice more energy than they need and dash of Dom, become an advantage player
Stir in a bit of Missouri Rick, Skinny and Randman.
You will have the best opportunity for this recipe to become a success!
I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the instructors and fellow students that took the GTC class in Vegas last month.
I cant say enough about the value of the education and hands on instruction from each and instructor.
Golden Buckeye (formerly Mr. Buckeye) and I went out to the casinos late afternoon on Sunday. It was the first time since taking up controlled shooting that we walked away with money, enough to pay for one of our class fees.
Golden Buckeye rolled first, and came away with a 27, making 7 points, the 6 & 8 twice each. I followed immediately with a 25, my first 8 rolls were 6, 6, 8, 8,8,8 (hard), 6 (hard) 8. I thought I was dreaming, but I then realized that I felt dream-like because I was able to shut out all the other distractions and focus on my throw. This was the real deal. The rest of the weekend when equally well, we didnt have any rolls that were not in the twenties.
We are really looking forward to continuing this path, and are looking forward to the refresher class next year.
Thank you all again for everything, it was a true pleasure to meet such a fine group of people.


I just have 1 word for our full craps table: WOW!!!

The crate sat in my garage, the big pieces in the box. We removed the small items right away, but as I said before, we could not get the 2 big horse shoe pieces down into my basement.

Fortunately, I have an unused workshop in the back of my house. It was not heated or cooled, but now I did buy a nice heater for it. Later, I will install an Air Conditioning unit.

It took us a week to figure out how to solve the "table too big" problem, but once I decided to fix up the workshop, it only took about 2 hours to assemble the table!!!

What a genius you are for the easy table, Dom!!! I was afraid it would be your typical engineering nightmare to figure out the assembly. Not at all!

I'm even more excited now about the classes in Tunica!!!

If anyone is interested in your table, I can certainly vouch for it!


Dale C

Your Seminar I took this weekend was one of the best Training Seminars that I ever took. There was never a dull minute throughout the entire Seminar. You guys mentioned before and during the Seminar, that the GTC instructors were the best in craps. They were every bit of that statement plus some. They were Superior. I want to say that every one of them had the best personality of any instructors that I ever had. They had an attitude like they want us to be as good as them. All of us got personal training from them. From this class, we got a message from You and Frank, that you really want all of us to be good Crap Players.

You and Frank are two class guys.

Don M.

Thanks Dom for the advice... What a great group of GTC instructors you have on board!!!! I am proud to be associated with the GTC organization.


Hi Dom and Frank:

Thanks again for a great craps class session! Each and every instructor gave their honest and expert advice for the perfect throw. It really showed that the instructors are passionate about Golden Touch and the game of craps. I mentioned to John that learning from Frank and you were like getting lessons from Mickey Mantel in baseball or Tiger Woods in golf. What an awesome experience for the both of us!!!! My goal is to practice 200 rolls per day and maybe someday join the Golden Touch team!!!! John and I both hit 30-35 number rolls which paid for the classes this weekend. What a great way to end the perfect weekend and coming in third place in the no sevens contest. When I arrived back home, my wife and I were evacuated due to the fires here in San Diego and a 50 ft fire ball came a few blocks from our home. Luckily our home was saved but some of our neighbors were not so lucky. The key is to live life to its fullest because shit happens!!! Let me know when our table is ready to ship. See you next year at the refresher course!!!

Respectfully, M W

I picked up three excellent pointers, one of which I had never even dreamed of! By the end of Day 1 I noticed major improvement – more improvement expected after practice. I’ve played for a number of years and wish I’d discovered this years ago. I’d recommend [this course] to all players who are serious.

Walt Cherry
Laughlin, NV

I’m glad I took the class! I have changed my grip and will improve the angle of my toss. The teachers were great!

David Hirai
Hacienda Heights, CA

Intense two days. Great job! Well done Frank and Dom. The course is well organized and very professional. I recommend this course to all serious players. This course has it all. Easy to read textbooks that are well written, hands on, with a real casino environment simulation and a wealth of knowledge to bring home and practice, practice, practice. Thank you!

Mike Campagna
Williamsville, NY

The small size of the class was outstanding with a lot of one-on-one assistance. Working with three different instructors made the learning process an eye-opening experience. If one instructor couldn’t give you the correct mental image of the feel, one of the others could. Realistic expectations were emphasized and all questions were answered in depth. Throwing on actual tables really assisted in the learning process as well as the “real life” casino experience. All the major elements were covered, including money management, betting and the mental side of the game. The class was designed around the needs and expectations of the students. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning or improving a controlled dice throw.

Ron Yee
Dearborn Heights, MI

Great class, both informative and fun. The refinement made to my grip and delivery will pay huge dividends in the future. Some of the small insights and secrets were very enlightening. The small class and all the one-on-one training made all the difference. Come to the training and be confident that you will learn!

Cal P.A.
Corona, CA

I took the Golden Touch Gold Chip plus package in Las Vegas and I have to say it was worth five times as much as I paid. The instructors were fantastic. Doing hands-on with Mr. Finesse, Dominator, Billy the Kid and Frank Scoblete was a thrilling learning experience. I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in beating the game of craps.

M. Levine
Whippany, NJ

This class was worth the time and the money. The learning curve just took a big step in the right direction!

Doug Beek
Byron Center, MI

This is my third craps class and it by far exceeds those other classes. The time spent with the coaches in improving my performance was more than I expected. The lectures were informative and provided valuable information and methods for improving my dice control and craps game. Listening to Frank [Scoblete] is a treat that I looked forward to after all these years of reading his books and articles. He did not disappoint. I recommend this class to anyone who is serious about playing craps and taking money from the casinos.

Itasca, IL

The GTC organization is doing gamblers a great service.

Mark Bolton
Grove City, OH

You have a wonderful, fun, lighthearted team of instructors who really go the distance to help people feel welcome and comfortable. The instruction was professional and well organized, and always interesting. Overall GTC is fantastic and worth every bit of the travel, preparation and money. I highly recommend it because you really can’t get good without the hands-on.

Debbie Gray
Littleton, MA

Everything you guys are teaching is right on the money.

Richard Hoffman
Bellville, OH

I met a Golden Touch instructor who worked with me for 30 minutes. After seeing what 30 minutes could do for my game, I signed up for the entire course and am glad I did. The breakout sessions where the coaches went over what was just taught were just great. He has one of the nicest tosses I have seen and taught his students how to emulate it.

Darrell R. Dowd
Jefferson City, MO

What a great class! I’m so excited about the things I learned. A good mixture of mechanics and down-to-earth money-management and betting tips. Thank you all for the effort you put in.

Conrad McCarthy
Tallahassee, FL

Everybody was great. The class was the best. I don’t think you could have done better – perfect!

James Bradley
Diamondhead, MS

Great weekend, great facility, and above all, great instruction. This weekend has enabled me to use the 8 elements of dice control to my advantage.

Chip & Dip
Humboldt, TN

I was a little skeptical about the claims, decided at the last moment to attend. After using the [methods] my confidence has increased ten-fold. It also helped that I made quite a bit of money Saturday and Sunday. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in improving their odds.

Bob Wilson
Memphis, TN

This class was absolutely great and worth much more than what it cost. Playing the way I have played for the past few years has cost me 20 times what it cost me to take this class. The instructors were all excellent and the format was excellent. You had short lectures followed by intensive one-on-one instruction with your coach in what had just been taught. This way, you didn’t move on to another skill or topic until you had grasped what came before. If you are looking to take your game from the red to the black, GTC is the only way to go!

Thomas Kyle
Brooklyn, NY

The class was fantastic. I feel very lucky to have been able to get one-on-one instruction from the foremost experts in craps. Leaving this class today, I know I have the knowledge to be successful in craps. I just have to put in the practice time.

Matt Hale
Tallahassee, FL

Received lots of one-on-one attention; showed improvement and learned quite a bit. Time well spent. The instructors really cared.

Mark Stevenson
Lockport, IL

I got much more than I ever expected out of this class. Having attended classes with other dice teachers, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. Golden Touch is miles ahead of the other dice teachers I have been with because these people really have beautiful shots and they are true students of the game who know how to teach. There wasn’t a minute of wasted time. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to beat the casinos. It was worth every penny I paid and then some!

Bill Gibson
Nashville, TN

I appreciated the honesty, professionalism, and the direct approach.

Germantown, TN

I enjoyed being able to watch different coaches throw. The course is very well done, very professional.

Stanalee Jacobs
Pittsburg, KS

I would like to have taken this course 20 years ago.

Carl Compton
Lamar, MO

I see the game with a great deal more clarity. Glad I came. I appreciate Mr. Finesse greatly. He is so skilled and smart.

Kansas City, KS

I was very impressed with the friendliness and helpful comments from all the coaches of GTC. I was very nervous at first being in a room with some of the greatest craps players in the world. But I was quickly put at ease by everyone and soon began to feel like an equal, not like experts talking down to inferiors. I feel I have gained a wealth of knowledge and it is up to me to decide how far I can take it.

Jim P.
Medford, OK

Mr. Finesse’s hands-on practice was priceless. You can’t get this from a book. You really worked out butts off.

William M. Sellers
Columbus, GA

I was very impressed! The class was well organized and very professional. It was very obvious that a lot of time and thought went into its development. It was also obvious that the Golden Touch team really cared about us as individual students. There was a lot of hands on!

Columbia, TN

This course is no joke. These guys can and will improve your game. When I started this course I had been playing craps for four years. My game sucked. After two days with the instructors in this course I had a one-hour roll. They were able to find my problems and help me work them out. If you are serious about craps then this crew can and will improve your game.

Lynn "the Rock" Tryon
Bradford, AR

Hi Dom:

Call it a boot camp or fantasy camp for dice players, either way I had a marvelous time attending your seminar in Chicago. It met all of my expectations for an entertaining, informative and educational weekend. Your course takes all of the principles in your books and drives them home in a way nothing on a printed page can. You can count on me to attend a refresher course somewhere down the road—maybe the next time you’re in Chicago in ’07.

I found all of your instructors to be cordial and quite helpful, critical when they had to be, yet encouraging and supportive. You and Frank were excellent, leading the discussion. And, of course, the hands-on time you gave us was the most valuable of all. Plain and simple, I got my money’s worth!

By the way, you and Frank talked about how the course would remove the “fun” element of gambling from here on out. Well, if you consider “fun” to be playing the games ignorantly, using sloppy technique, making unwise bets and generally playing right into the hands of the casino, then I guess I will miss the “fun” part of gambling. To me, giving yourself a fighting chance to be an advantage player is worth the time and expense of your course and the effort of practicing your principles afterwards. A positive effect on your bankroll—that’s what I consider to be the real “fun” of gambling.

My dice playing buddy was going to be attending the course with me this year when his daughter’s college schedule intervened. “Dad’s Weekend” at the University of Iowa happened to be the same time as your seminar (the nerve of them in Iowa City!). So he missed out. Chances are, he and I will be signing up together next year. We’re looking forward to it already.

Thanks, again, for a great time. Gotta go practice now.

Rick O'Dell
Chicago, IL


Comments on the Web from our students:

[The following posts appeared on various websites and were made by students who took our courses.]

From Debbie Gray on DICE List Server:

Hi everyone,

I was a rank beginner when I arrived in Tunica.  As Frank Scoblete lovingly put it, "She stunk!"  Even though I had read and re-read a few craps books and had practiced an hour every night for about 3 weeks before Tunica, nothing helped me like the hands-on practice sessions with expert critiques. 

Well, by the end of our second day of class, I had people on my team remarking that they wanted to bet on my rolls.  Not only was I flattered but it gives you an idea of how much improvement a shooter can have with the proper teaching.  Also, the night of our second class, in about a ½ hour at the tables I hit 4 come-out 7’s and 6 point numbers (or something like that).  I was shocked!

Also, my team were so friendly and helpful that I was able to relax and have a lot of laughs with them, and eventually my rolls improved as a result.  I was initially a little intimidated and can be shy in big groups, but I felt by the end of the weekend GTC brought out the best in me all around.  Imagine a shy person giving Frank "noogies".

All in all, I felt this was a professional, approachable, well organized group of teachers that covered the issues that a shooter needs to know. 

I highly recommend the 2-day class—it will be a quantum leap in your skills and knowledge.

See you at the tables,
Debbie Gray

Frank Scoblete is the best teacher you can imagine and his partner Dom is right up there too. The instructors are all masters of dice control and they actually show you their shots ion the class so you get to see with your own eyes just how good these teachers are. This was the best class I ever took on craps and I have taken several before this. The whole two days were in a great hotel and we were treated exceptionally well by everyone. If you want to learn controlled shooting Golden Touch is the class to take. With these professionals you cant go wrong!


GTC Graduate

Took my first class in AC last March. I was H-U-N-G-R-Y!!

I've followed all of the GTC guidance while developing my own style. Most of all I've been practicing diligently. Along the way I've gotten some excellent advice from these boards and personally from a few veterans like Billy The Kid and Packrat.

I'm happy to say that the tide has begun to turn. After I hit my initial goal of SRR 1/7, I stopped recording my practice rolls and focused on integrating a complete practice game with betting and modified sets based upon the behavior of my dice. This really helped me get smooth with adjusting my shot in real time, placing my bets and keeping track of my payouts.

I've also been working a lot on my mental game and choosing good table conditions. I don't get rattled as easily by players or crews, and I'm now able to stay focused in adverse situations by using breathing techniques and meditation.

It's all starting to come together now, my winning sessions are outnumbering my loosing sessions, and I had a 40+ roll last night at Tr&ump M@arina for the first time, cashing out up over 60%!

Wow what a feeling!!! I'm very grateful for all of the knowledge, instruction and patience shown to me by the GTC gang, this is truly turning into an adventure. I'm building my 401g and the stress of winning / loosing is nearly absent since I can treat my bankroll like it is monopoly money.

When my dice look good, I can now stay focused and stay in the zone. When my dice look bad, I can take breaks, move on to a different table/casino, make some adjustments and try again. That late drive home when I've cashed out in the positive is truly a nice feeling.

I've settled on a betting strategy that is working really well. When I bet on myself or another controlled shooter, I use a combination of place bets on the 6/8 and come bets with double odds to get up on four numbers. After 6 hits I'm in the black and I start to press. I keep telling myself "I'm going ALL the way up this time!!". I'm finally seeing rolls when I'm pressing up to max odds, then spreading out to all the numbers, something I could only dream of in my pre-GTC days.

When I'm betting on random rollers, I use the 5-count, place the 6 & 8 for the table minimums, and start pressing after 4 hits. I'm avoiding a ton of horrendous rolls and watch lots of players go bust while I endure.

By the end of my 40+ roll last night at the Marina I had all 6 numbers covered in come bets with max odds (5X), with player-controlled $3 dealer bets on the 6/8, and both the crew and I were having a rocking time! I'm looking forward to many more sessions like that, and its nice to see that long hours of practice, sticking to low house edge bets, and tipping guidance I learned from GTC starting to pay off.

I still feel like a beginner, and am amazed at the ability of some of the veterans to alter their shot and sets based upon conditions and the behavior of their dice. It's exciting to know that I have so much more to learn.

Thanks to the whole GTC crew for sharing this knowledge, I feel like I've been given a leg up on becoming an advantage player without having to go through years of "The School of Hard Knocks."



I just read two of your and Frank's books and found them super helpful.

I practice about 20 minutes a day on my tosses and sets at my office and when I went to Tahoe last weekend, I only got to roll twice, but when I did, had a 17 length roll followed by a 16 length roll. I used the hard way set. I also used the 5-count, and basically didn't bet on anyone who rattled the dice around in their hands. Thanks a lot for saving me some money and making craps more enjoyable!



I'm just back from taking the advanced class in Vegas. I want to thank GTC and in particular BillyTheKid and NoFieldFive for an excellent experience.

I arrived a legend in my own mind. Within 30 minutes, the instructors had identified a fatal flaw in my shot and proceeded to break me down and redevelop my "A" shot. It was a humbling experience, but they soon had me up and running with a new and improved shot, and I was able to progress pretty rapidly through the rest of the class, which involved learning how to adjust my "A" shot with trajectory and rotation for different surfaces, including microfiber.

It was a humbling experience, but I want to get better and they want me to be better so I definitely got my money's worth.

After I got home I plugged my Vegas sessions into my spreadsheet model and I'm happy to announce that after 2+ years of learning how to shoot, practice, manage my bankroll, bet, and tip the GTC way, I am officially a winner! My monthly take trend just crossed the zero axis into the positive!

The proof is in the pudding, GTC methods work if you are patient, teachable and willing to practice! Thanks to Frank, Dom, Billy, Daryl and the whole GTC crew for teaching me how to win at the game of craps.

- silverback

First, my thanks to Pit Boss and Mr. Finesse. Together they did a terrific job of identifying the errors of my toss and reshaping it to a winning form. A much needed boost to a disappointed sagging spirit. The tune-up is a great pick-me-me between attending other seminars on dice control. I feel more confident in attacking the casinos and want to build on this weekends success before taking the Advanced Class.

Secondly, success!! I had a roll of 30! at an off strip casino on Sunday. I made one point number quickly and then had a second point to make. Rolling all other numbers over the major portion of the roll I was unable to repeat my number but with the good betting advice from GTC that was all it took to regain my bank and a small plus. I was actually surprised when I cashed in to have won back my "down" for the trip. Although no accolades from the other players they could not have helped making a nice win on that roll.

This all came about as a result of searching for the right conditions, that is, going to other casinos, playing their tables and learning what the differences are and taking advantage of the conditions when they're right. It was like the "the lights came on", the table was especially conducive to the throw-what you want to see in a table; absolutely no heat or hint of it; inner calm and focus; confident and relaxed when throwing-AKA "the Zone". Now I know what to look for.

Prior to this event I was feeling that I was indeed "going through" the process, having limited success but no real fireworks. Patience and work paid off. This venue -solar coast-I almost didn't go to that day preferring to go to the "color rado rock". Going on the notion of not leaving no stone unturned to satisfy the search of a hospitable environment I am now anxious to return to the solarcoast and the other affiliated shoreline establishments. It was a great find and made all the difference in the world!

So the journey continues by small steps and large. And thanks again to Mr Finesse and PitBoss for the helping hand. And thanks to the GTC organization that makes it all happen.

(p.s.)Was that Meet and Great a hoot or what?!!!! Great Idea.

- GTC student

I had a great two days. I placed a fire bet for fun, rolled 5 distinct points (4,5,6,9,10), and won a 5 point fire bet. The table exploded. It was great. My fianc was doing the counting but she admittedly lost count in the upper 30's, when I made my 4th distinct point (when the table exploded the first time), so I don't have a final count but its somewhere in the 40's. I don't know if this counts for the 40 roll club, but, frankly, its ok. I rolled and won a fire bet.

Please free to call me tomorrow about registering for the Oct class. I'm really looking forward to it now.

I can't thank you enough. I went from never playing craps before, to a class in March 08, to a 5 point fire bet win less than 5 months later. Obviously you and the GTC crew are very good instructors.

I will post a more detailed trip report on the boards tomorrow.

Thanks again


I tend to agree that it was wise for me to take the Refresher after the Premier course. (This was the GTC advice I was given after the Premier Course) After the Refresher, I took the Tune-up next because I felt my shot wasn't ready for the Advance class. I'm glad I did that. The tune-up really focused on my problems. I felt it was necessary to get the base shot down before adding any new techniques etc. Now not only am I more confident about taking the advance class, I also feel Ill be getting the most from it.

I'm glad you guys introduced the Tune-ups. I think they are great! Just enough time to go over each aspect of the throw, focus on the problem areas, and work them out. That knowledge can be taken home and practiced on. I saw a tremendous increase in my abilities after working out those bad habits. Anyway, I just wanted to personally thank you guys for teaching such great classes. My successes can all be attributed to GTC. Ive learned not only how to shoot but to bet and not bet. I can now make money on myself and not lose much on others.

In case you dont hear this much, I just want to thank everyone at GTC for making me a better player. Every affiliated with GTC that I have ever worked with is the best!

See you in Oct.


Another great weekend class. The instructors were just great and they helped me fine tune my shot. Increased my confidence. I love the humor and levity; it added to the class.


Clearly the most productive and absolutely superior class I have taken in the past 10 years. Well done!


Very professional training course. Exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend Golden Touch training to anyone. Best investment I ever made for the greatest return.


I really got a lot out of the Golden Touch dice control class and I would recommend it to anyone interested in advancing their play.


I am a refresher student and this class was a great opportunity to tweak things I developed after the primer class.


The classes are very thorough. Ive learned and been given the tools to learn now on my own. Thank you!


I was very impressed. Like I said, I have found a new sport!


This was an amazing class. Half the instructors are published writers and authors and really know their stuff. I watched each instructor throw the dice, including Frank who was just great when he actually called out his hardways and Dominator too from both sides of the table. I loved Stickmans throw as well. Frank calls it perfect and that is just what it looks like too. You arent going to get this kind of brain power and skill levels anywhere else I can tell you that for a fact having wasted my money on some other dice control Mickey Mouse courses. Golden Touch are the professionals.


The class was great. The instructors were wonderful. I learned a lot.




I waited a long time to decide whether to take this class or not. It was worth every penny. You can see how great the instructors are at teaching and at dice control. I really enjoyed watching them shoot the dice before the actually taught us. You could see what it was you were going to attempt to accomplish. Take this course if you have an interest in learning how to beat the casinos at craps.


Great class. I cant wait to take the next step up to the refresher!


Thank you. Everyone was great and I am more confident and enjoyed the class!


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