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Smart Craps for Windows... new craps software for dice control experts
Jerry "Stickman" Stich (Golden Touch™ Craps Dice Control Instructor)

Those of you who have taken the Golden Touch™ Blackjack course have seen Dan Pronovost's Blackjack Software Bundle. Most of you have purchased it. This software contains highly sophisticated methods to calculate the player (or house) edge in virtually any Blackjack game. It also provides Risk of Ruin calculation routines. In short, it is a powerful program to help you determine how to play the game of blackjack based on your individual specifications.

Well, Mr. Pronovostís has done it again! This time with craps software that will revolutionize betting, dice setting and dice control strategies.

Expanding upon what is available in the Blackjack Bundle, he has developed Smart Craps. This program is loaded with features that will complement what you learn in the Golden Touch™ Craps dice control class.

First and foremost on the list is the Pro Test(c) dice control test. This feature allows you to enter your actual throws and can tell you with greater than 99 percent certainty if you are, indeed, influencing the dice. This can potentially be determined in less than 100 rolls. Yes, thatís right, you can find out if you really have an edge with just a fraction of the rolls it normally took in the past.

Once you have entered your throws and have your three test results, you can enter your Pro Test(c) total rolls and three summary statistics into Smart Craps in order to determine what the optimum dice sets are for your individual results. Smart Craps will calculate what your edge is (if any) against the casino. You can then tweak the dice sets to see how your edge is affected. You get results as a percentage as well as $ per hour based on your bet size.

Some of our instructors discovered that they were not using the best sets for their type of throw - Smart Craps increased their dice control edges considerably!

Obviously dice sets affect your edge, but so does the betting system you use. Several betting systems are included in order to compare results. Additional betting modules are being developed and will be offered in the future. And, for those of you that are programming types, a Betting Script Module is available that allows you to develop your own personal betting system or systems. You need to be comfortable writing in Visual Basic in order to use this, however. Visual Basic is very similar to the macro coding language used in Excel or MS Access.

OK, so you have a method to determine if you are influencing the dice. You have a method to determine what your edge is. You have a method to determine your expected earnings per hour. What else do you need? How about a risk of ruin calculator? The Smart Craps Risk of Ruin Calculator will take all the results mentioned previously and calculate a session or lifetime risk of ruin based on a particular bankroll size, or will calculate your required bankroll to limit yourself to a particular percentage of risk of ruin. This is good stuff to know.

There is voluminous help available at the click of a button. Subjects such as Dice Control Theory, explanations of Pro Test(c), SRR, and Random Rollers; as well as explanations of all the features are available. Also included are detailed instructions on how to use any and all of the features.

Smart Craps is not an elementary craps playing game. It is software to increase the serious dice controllers edge in the casinos. Craps session are simulated using your Pro Test(c) results, dice sets and betting system, but you will not see a craps layout or shooters coming to and leaving tables. This is all simulated; however, millions of times (mathematically - hidden from view) in order to give you personalized statistics.

The Pro Test(c) methodology is brand new - and revolutionary! The program is also brand new. As such, some may find that it is not as intuitive or user friendly as some blackjack or video poker playing software. That is because you cannot test your craps playing skills with a computer program as you test your blackjack or video poker playing skills.

You need to actually shoot the dice in the real world.

Smart Craps allows you to record the results of these throws and use them to calculate your advantage and risk of ruin. This program will regularly be updated with additional features - including better integration of throw recording. Additional betting modules will be developed as well.

Novice computer users should be cautioned though that the program is fairly complicated to use, as most simulation software involves many settings and mathematical concepts. But those interested mainly in Pro Test and evaluating their edge and/or optimal dice sets can fast-track and avoid the more complicated simulation aspects. We're told that an upcoming "Pro Test Wizard" and other useability assistants should help novice users with these powerful features. For now, the documentation fully describes how to use the program, and many example files are included.

If you goal is to be a winner in the casino, Smart Craps is a great tool to help you succeed.

You can purchase Smart Craps on CD directly in the Golden Touch™ Craps online store:

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