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    Dominator's Golden Touch ™ Sports


Bankroll Advice for the Football Season

Hi All

Please read

Dominator Sports views on units for football wagering

People have been calling and asking about if we will ever have more than a 1 unit bet on our football picks. We put out a gazette about this at the beginning of the season but because of the new signups and maybe people didnít read this gazette we are going to reprint it again.

As Follows:

The football season is starting and we are excited! Football has been our greatest profit sport! We will have some parleys as the year goes on and also will be betting some teams on the money line. What this means is that we will be betting a big under dog to win the game outright which will net us some HUGE profits! Couple that with one of those money line teams on a small parley and we really have the potential for big profits.

We want you to read this and print it out for the football season. For most of the plays that we will be giving you we will be using a one unit bet. This unit bet should be updated every one to two weeks as your bankroll grows or reduces. There may be times that we will give you a bigger unit bet on what we call our "Best Bets", or "Lock Series Bets" but most of the time the units will be one unit. So as your bankroll grows so will your unit amount. The main reason for this is because we will have anywhere from three to 6 bets on college football on Saturday and the same on Sunday for the pros. Some times we will do a parley that will combine college with pros as well. This is the way we have bet football for 20+ years and this is the way we have made the most PROFITS!

Our "Lock series bet" is a bet on a series of games that might carry over to the week if our first bet in the series losses. This is very similar to our series bets in the NBA which most of you were using during the NBA last NBA season.

Sometimes we will put out a game for more than 1 unit. This is because we feel a little bit stronger about that game, but this will not happen very often. We want you to readjust your bankroll as we stated above because this is the way you can stay afloat for any losing streaks that we might have. Also as the season progresses and your bankroll grows, so will your unit bet grow. This has worked for us for all these years and we want to pass this on to you.

So below is what we consider a good unit amount depending on where your bankroll is on any given week. Please follow the guide lines. Print this off and recalculate your unit bet as the weeks progress.



Bankroll Recommendations

As you can see a good rule of thumb should be that your unit bet should be between 2% and 3.3% of your bankroll 

Remember: Your bankroll will determine your units.


$250 bankroll 1 unit =$5            


$500 bankroll 1 unit = $10


$1,000 or more 1 unit = $40  


More than $1000 bankroll adds $10 per $500


Or to be a little more conservative follow these guide lines


Remember: Your bankroll will determine your units

If you have:


$250 bankroll 1 unit =$2.5


$500 bankroll 1 unit = $7


$1,000 or more 1 unit = $25  


More than $1000 bankroll adds $7 per $500

All Sports Betting Should Be Done In Legal Gambling Institutions

Dominator's Sports Service does not condone illegal sports gambling of any kind. Void where prohibited. The viewer of this page should make their own inquiry into participating into the legality of any games or activities in which they participate. This site assumes no responsibility for the actions by, and makes no representation or endorsement of, any of these games and/or activities if they are illegal in the jurisdiction of the reader or client of this site. This site should be used for information and entertainment purposes only.

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