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    Dominator's Golden Touch ™ Sports


Menu of Sports Betting Services

UNIQUE! You will get an email from Dominator’s Golden Touch Sports Service with your picks on your computer or PDA. Last minute picks will also be sent to you. During football you might even get wagers during the actual games! Our goal is to give you the best customer service anywhere and give you the best possible wagers!

Overview: We believe we have the most powerful, sophisticated and creative winning sports service on earth! Before I tell you about the great Dominator, let me tell you what component #1 is in our attack on sports books in Vegas and on the Internet.

Best-selling gaming author Bill "Ace-Ten" Burton is a computer genius when it comes to sports programming. Over the past decade Bill has been working on a series of supremely powerful, sophisticated, original, and unique sports betting programs. His programs perform at lightning speeds and can analyze staggering amounts of sports information. Every second or every minute of every day, the Burton programming arsenal is collating, organizing, analyzing, and predicting what will or will not happen in all the games coming up. Thousands of games – today’s games; tomorrow’s games; next week’s games; next month’s games…and a legion of information concerning those games right up until the games are being played and even as the games are being played.

Once the programming comes up with its recommendations for bets where players have an edge, then we go to component number two – our human nuclear weapon, Dominator, who has a 20-year record of winning sports bets. Dom is analytical, rational, and intuitive with a wealth of experience in over two decades of winning sports betting.

Dominator sifts the information on the top picks of Bill Burton’s computer programs – eliminating almost all of them – except for the ones he thinks show the most winning promise. These he divides into two categories: 1. Lock Picks, 2. VIP/Whole Enchilada Picks.

Dominator, Bill Burton and I are not just running Dominator’s Golden Touch Sports Service, we make all the bets we recommend each and every day to our players. We win when you win; we lose when you lose. Indeed, we bet the Whole Enchilada. Come join us.



Money-back guarantee! You don’t win; we give you your payment back!

Lock picks are the best bets we have to offer, sometimes over a three-game series, and are made with this three-bet series in mind. You might get several of these bets in a week but there are days when you might get none. As you will read, our "Lock" picks have the best winning percentage of all our bets. If we do not think there will be many or any lock picks for a given sport, we will not sell "locks" for that particular season.

You will notice that the recent seasons have had 100 percent win records. We can’t guarantee that; but as we said, if you do not have a winning season on our "Lock" bets, we will return your payment to us. We will keep track of the units based on Dominator’s unit-betting recommendation to see what the season results are. We lose the "locks," we give your payment back.

Here are our recent "Lock Pick" results:

34-0 Major League Baseball season/playoffs/World Series 2008

57-0 NBA season/playoffs/championship 2007-08

No "locks" on football 2008-09.

No "locks" on hockey 2008-09.

69-0 NBA 2008-09 season as of March 16



Bet the way of Dominator and Bill "Ace-Ten" Burton! Once Dominator and Bill make the picks, including any parleys, propositions and even non-baseball picks, we give those picks to you with the VIP/Whole Enchilada service.

With the "VIP/Whole Enchilada" picks you also get the "Lock" picks. These bets are the exact bets The Triad will make too!

All Sports Betting Should Be Done In Legal Gambling Institutions

Dominator's Sports Service does not condone illegal sports gambling of any kind. Void where prohibited. The viewer of this page should make their own inquiry into participating into the legality of any games or activities in which they participate. This site assumes no responsibility for the actions by, and makes no representation or endorsement of, any of these games and/or activities if they are illegal in the jurisdiction of the reader or client of this site. This site should be used for information and entertainment purposes only.

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